Financial Approach

The Community Foundation values integrity and sustainability. We invest donor funds transparently and prudently so they will be available for grantmaking now and for future generations.

Fiscal Responsibility 

The Board of Directors has delegated oversight of the Foundation Portfolio to the CFCWI Finance Committee. The Finance Committee consists of financial experts in the community who oversee the investments to monitor performance and oversee the investment strategy. The investment strategy is outlined in our Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which sets parameters and benchmarks for investing the portfolio.

The Community Foundation partners with FEG, a professional advisory firm that specializes in investing for nonprofit endowments, including Community Foundations. FEG works with our Finance Committee to determine a portfolio strategy that balances growth with the long-term focus of the Community Foundation. The Finance Committee meets with FEG quarterly to review the Community Foundation’s investment performance.

Investment Strategy

The purpose of the Foundation’s Investment Portfolio is to accumulate a pool of assets sufficient to build capital for future use with the corresponding obligation to support current and future needs. While shorter-term investment results will be monitored, adherence to a sound long-term investment policy, which balances short-term spending needs with preservation of the real (inflation-adjusted) value of assets, is crucial to the long-term success of the Portfolio.

For more information about our financial approach, please contact our office at (715) 342-4454 or email foundation@cfcwi.org.