Establish a Fund

Creating your own fund is easy and allows you to make a personal impact. The Foundation handles the administrative details while allowing you to focus on your philanthropy. We will work with you to determine the type of fund that will meet your goals.

Types of Funds

Donor Advised Funds

A donor advised fund allows you to remain actively involved in recommending grants to make the charitable impact you desire. This type of fund is an easy and flexible alternative to a private or family foundation. The minimum to establish a Donor Advised Fund is $10,000.

Designated Funds

A designated fund provides annual support to your favorite charitable organizations or programs in perpetuity. The minimum to establish a Designated Fund is $10,000.

Scholarship Funds

A scholarship fund can help students achieve their educational goals and meet your charitable goals at the same time. Scholarship funds are customizable; you can honor a loved one, support students in a specific field or trade, graduates from your alma mater, or more. The minimum to establish a Scholarship Fund is $25,000.

Field of Interest Funds

A field of interest fund allows you to fund projects in a specific focus area through a competitive grant application process. Your grantmaking can evolve to meet the needs within the focus area. The minimum to establish a Field of Interest Fund is $50,000.

Agency Funds

An agency fund offers a nonprofit organization a permanent source of income for long-term sustainability. We manage the investment so the nonprofit can focus on its mission. The minimum to establish an Agency Fund is $25,000.

Special Project/Pass-Through Funds

A special project fund offer philanthropists the ability to fundraise for community projects. We manage the financial aspects of your fundraising efforts, providing your project a trusted avenue for giving. The minimum to establish a Special Project/Pass-Through Fund is a $250 annual fee.

Seed-A-Future Funds

A seed-a-future fund gives donors the ability to build an endowed fund over time. A fund can reach endowed status in 10 years with consistent annual giving. The minimum to establish and grow a seed-a-future fund is a $600 annual gift.