Integrity Lives Here

Jan 22, 2021 | Growing Our Communities

 Dr. Kristina Mott and her staff at Town & Country Veterinary Clinic in Wautoma exhibit INTEGRITY through their continuous work with stray and lost pets in Waushara County.

Waushara County does not have an animal shelter and there is only one veterinarian in the entire county. As owner of Town & Country Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Mott comes across many stray or lost pets that get dropped off at her clinic. Dr. Mott and her staff strive to take care of all animals simply because it is the right thing to do.

A heavily pregnant mixed breed dog the staff named Billie was brought into their care a few years ago. An x-ray showed some areas of concern and they needed to act quickly to ensure Billie and her puppies were ok.

Dr. Mott called in staff and friends to help with the surgery and delivery of nine puppies. Billie’s story demonstrates that there is a true need for an animal shelter in Waushara County.

The Community Foundation is proud to partner with the Waushara County Animal Shelter as they work toward their fundraising goal to build a shelter that will meet the current and future needs of Waushara County.

“ We used the money from the adoption of Billie’s puppies to start a fund at the Community Foundation to raise money for the Waushara County Animal Shelter.”

— Dr. Kristina Mott

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