Fund Spotlight: Friends of 90FM

Aug 11, 2022 | 40th Anniversary

The Friends of 90FM/WWSP Fund was created to keep the student-ran and programmed 90FM radio station a viable part of the University experience at UWSP. For many graduates, 90FM was a key part of their time at UWSP. The station is staffed by students and gives them an enjoyable way to learn teamwork skills which go far beyond the confines of the station or the University. The love and desire these students have for music gives the station its unique experience for both the staff and the listeners. Speaking with Jim Oliva, founder of Friends of 90FM, we have gained insight into the impact 90FM has on students at UWSP. Students learn not only teamwork skills, they also can gain skills in management and the ins and outs of running a business through executive staff positions. Along with important skills for future careers, students also get the opportunity to learn about all kinds of music from each other.

The Friends of 90FM Fund was originally created in 1997 with University system and had a modest goal of one $500 scholarship per year. In 2019, Friends of 90FM was moved to the Community Foundation to better fit the needs and goals of the fund. Now, in a total of 25 years later, Friends of 90FM offers two $2,500 scholarships per year, one each semester. Along with being able recognize outstanding students with scholarships, the fund also assists with the annual operating costs of the 90FM Trivia fundraiser event held every April. 90FM is one of the biggest college radio stations in the country and hosts the world’s largest trivia contest. Friends of 90FM ensures that every year more students will get to participate and experience the love of radio.

This week, August 10th-14th, join 90FM in welcoming back alumni into the air chair. DJs who were on the air from 1969 to 2009 come back home to share stories and the music that brought them all together. Listen at 89.9 FM or stream the station on the TuneIn app.

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