The Millennium Fund

Aug 18, 2022 | 40th Anniversary

We cannot discuss our past, present, and future without the mention of the Millennium Fund. The Millennium Fund of Portage County is a unique fund established by the Community Foundation of Portage County, our previous name, to mark the turn of the century in the year 2000. Donated funds of $100 dollars or more were accepted by the Foundation between January 1st, 1999, through December 31st, 1999, and are left as unrestricted so future generations may use the donations as they see fit. Throughout the year, the fund received 62 donations totaling $7,886 (which 22 years later roughly equals $13,500 according to the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics). The fund was closed on January 1st, 2000 and invested by the Community Foundation Investment Mangers with interest accumulating for 100 years. This means the funds will be available in the year 2100. A $100 dollar donation with 10 percent interest in 2000 will grow to $1.2 million by that point.

Donors were able to create a message to the community of 2100 with their donations, here are some of those messages:

“It is our hope that the contribution will be used wisely to help those in need. We also hope this finds your world a safe, happy, and healthy place, with little violence and people that care about each other. Please continue this tradition for future generations.” – O. Scott, Kim, and Andrew J. Halverson

“Our mission is to respect the dignity of all residents of Portage County and to work with them in partnership to build a strong, caring community. Our dream 100 years from now – and 1,000 years from now – is to accomplish that mission so all who call portage county home enjoy dignity and respect in a community that is vibrant and caring.” – Friends of United Way of Portage County

“The Green Circle runs through scenic areas along the Wisconsin and Plover River and through wetlands and forests. The citizens of the community cherish it. Our hope is the people in the year 2100 will do likewise.” – The Green Circle Board

“We hope you spend the Millennium Fund on something that will benefit your children’s children… passing it on, one generation at a time” -Ann Schierl’s Bridge Club “Play Bridge Will Travel”

Images above are sourced from The Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin official Millennium Fund Journal

We are not even a quarter of the way to 100 years and we have seen so much growth and change, not only within the Foundation, but within our communities. We hope to continue to support positive change by connecting people and resources to enhance Central Wisconsin now, in the year 2100, and forever.

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