Must-Read Community Foundation Stories

Jan 19, 2024 | News & Events

As we reflect on the past year, we’re thrilled to showcase some highlights from the Community Foundation. Our Community Storyteller, KaYing Vang, is sharing some of her favorite blog posts from 2023, and we invite you to visit them for a dose of inspiration and community spirit:

  • Unveiling the Commons Community Nonprofit Center. Learn more about the grand opening, where celebratory ribbon cutting signified the beginning of new collaborations and community strengthening. Check out how this space is sparking unexpected conversations and partnerships​​ among 10 nonprofit organizations housed under one roof.
  • From Insight to Impact: How data can inform next steps. Curious about how data can inform community change? This is a must-read for anyone interested in how data can provide insights to better our community​​ and what resources help us understand Portage and Waushara Counties. 
  • Celebrating 15 Years in Waushara County. Join us in commemorating growth and connection in Waushara County. This story will show you the powerful impact of long-term community collaboration and why it matters​​.
  • A Local Hero’s Journey of Giving. Discover Mary Hesch’s journey of philanthropy and how her humble approach has motivated others to contribute. Her story is a testament to the significant impact one individual can have in our community​​.

These stories are windows into the heart of our community. They demonstrate the amazing things we can achieve when we come together. Stay connected with us into 2024 by signing up for our newsletter.

KaYing Vang, Community Storyteller

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