Celebrating 15 Years in Waushara County

Sep 18, 2023 | News & Events

What a journey! As we celebrate 15 years of working with Waushara County’s incredible residents and organizations, let’s look back on our shared history, appreciate where we are now, and get excited about the future together.

Back in 2008, we began our work in Waushara County. Some of the first steps included the Wild Rose School District Scholarship Funds and the Wautoma School District Scholarship funds. With more grants and scholarships over the years, our partnership with the community grew even stronger. Our shared commitment expanded with five key organizational endowments: CAP Services, North Central Conservancy Trust, Opportunity Development Centers Inc., Waushara County Food Pantry, and the Wild Rose Patterson Memorial Library. Legacy gifts, such as those from Geraldine Hartford and her daughter Natalie, amplified what was achievable. Their donation supports our work’s sustainability and flexibility, ensuring we can invest in organizations across all five mission areas in Waushara County.

Fast forward to today, and we’re thrilled to share that the Foundation has granted over $1 million in Waushara County. A big thank you to everyone who celebrated with us in-person and from afar! We appreciate the wonderful Waushara County donors, grant recipients, legacy society members, and everyone who’s been a part of our journey via board and committee service. A hearty congratulations to Dave Williams for receiving our special Keystone Endowment award; his dedication and guiding hand over the decades have inspired us. At our 15th-anniversary celebration, the funds we raised were added to the Hartford Fund benefiting Waushara County—and we invite you to join our community giving by donating today!

The past and present are commendable, but the future is even brighter. Many among you are actively crafting this future. Take, for instance, the DeMars Family Fund. With their deep-rooted love for the community, they’re exploring the creation of a community center where all can come together throughout the year.  We are excited to see this collective effort to invest in our communities continue and develop.

Meanwhile, donors like Kathy and Bill Croft were deeply moved by Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, which gifts books to every child regardless of income or language. They saw their grandchildren’s joy at receiving a new book each month. Wanting to make a difference, Kathy and Bill connected with our foundation to help bring this program to more kids in Waushara County. Their dedication shows the real difference community generosity and support can make, and we’re genuinely thankful for their effort.

This 15-year journey has been meaningful and impactful to so many. Here’s to many more decades of collaboration, growth, and community building!

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