Lunch and Learn Series

Jan 23, 2024 | News & Events

The Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin has a lunch and learn series called Community Lunch Hour. This event is a way for the Foundation to offer opportunities to explore and learn more about various community topics while creating connections. Attendees will also be provided ways to get involved and help make a difference. Topics will change every month.

Upcoming Community Lunch Hours

Ann Vang, co-founder of the “Hmong Sib Pab Sib Qhia — Help Together, Teach Together Fund” and Cindy Yang, the Hmong Family Strengthening Coordinator at CAP Services, will be joining our Community Lunch Hour series. They will discuss why Hmong Week (May 16-18) matters and how local initiatives are helping the next generation of Hmong students and families. We look forward to your presence at this important conversation—be there to learn, engage, and make a difference.

2024 Community Lunch Hours

2023 Community Lunch Hours

Thank you to the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point MBA Program and our Corporate Convening Partners Delta Dental of Wisconsin and Sentry Insurance Foundation for making our Community Lunch Hours possible.

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