CLH: Insights into CAP Services’ Family Crisis Center

Apr 9, 2024 | News & Events

We recently hosted an insightful Community Lunch Hour featuring Melissa Randall, Director of CAP Services’ Family Crisis Center. The session provided a deep dive into the center’s essential services and discussed the significant challenges brought about by recent funding cuts.

Melissa shared that CAP Services has been a pioneering force in addressing domestic violence and supporting affected families in Portage County since 1978, expanding its reach over the decades. The organization prides itself on comprehensive needs assessments, which shape services to meet community needs. 

Key Highlights: 

  • Extensive Support Services: The Family Crisis Center offers a wide range of support, including emergency shelter, 24/7 crisis lines, and outreach services. These are designed to cater to all ages and genders, emphasizing that help is available to anyone in need.
  • Impact of Funding Cuts: Recent federal and state-level changes have led to a projected loss of over a million dollars for the center. This substantial decrease will likely result in reduced staff and services, impacting the center’s ability to serve the community effectively.
  • Community Engagement and Volunteerism: Melissa emphasized the critical role of community support and volunteerism, especially in light of funding cuts. Volunteers play a vital role, particularly in managing the 24/7 crisis lines and providing immediate support to assault victims.
  • Future Challenges and Opportunities: Despite the financial setbacks, CAP Services is determined to continue its mission. The organization is actively seeking alternative funding sources and exploring new ways to maintain and adapt its services.

This conversation underscored the importance of community support and active engagement in sustaining essential services like those offered by the Family Crisis Center. As funding landscapes change, individual and corporate support becomes crucial in ensuring that no one in need goes without help. We invite you to help us maintain momentum by: 

Taking action: 

Staying engaged:

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