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Don Hamerski Memorial Scholarship Fund

This scholarship, in memory of Don Hamerski, will be awarded to an applicant who is pursuing an education in agriculture, farming or agriculture-related business or trade and meets the application criteria.

Donn Behnke Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is open to SPASH senior men who have been on the cross-country team and have been accepted to a college, university, or technical College.

Door2Dreams, Inc. Fund

To raise funds and support the mission of Door2Dreams, Inc. the mission of Door2Dreams, Inc. is to assist adults with permanent disabilities to find and maintain housing of their choice within Central Wisconsin.

Downtown Mural Fund

To provide funding opportunities to support the development of historical mural in the Stevens Point downtown area.

Dr. Richard B. & Mary Lou Judy Family Fund

Provide financial support for various charities.

Dr. Robert and Nancy Cooper Fund

Allocations from the fund will be used to support Community Grants at the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin.

Edith D. Kraus Charitable Fund

Distributions from the fund will benefit St Michael’s Hospital of Stevens Point, WI.

Education Mission Fund of Portage County

To provide funding for K-12 educational needs in the public schools of Portage County.

Eichmann Family Fund

To support the camp and camp programs of the Stevens Point Area Y.M.C.A., and other charitable gifts as determined by the family.

Eichmiller Family Fund

To support the charitable wishes of the Eichmiller family.

Elmer Fournier Memorial Scholarship Fund

The fund will offer an annual scholarship to a SPASH graduate pursuing a business or public service degree from UWSP.

Emergency Fund

An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property, or the environment, or one that has a high probability of escalating to cause an immediate danger to life, health, property, or the environment. Emergencies require urgent, timely intervention to prevent a worsening of the situation.

Engine 2713 Fund

Distributions from the fund will be used to maintain the Steam Train display located in Veterans Park in Stevens Point Wisconsin. The term maintain is further defined in Addendum D

Environment Mission Fund of Portage County

To promote and support environmental projects in Portage County and adjacent counties when those projects may impact the quality of life of Portage County residents.

Erin & Ryan Andrews Family Fund

To meet the charitable wishes of the Andrews Family.

Ethiopian Sustainable Food Project Fund

Gifts support the stabilization of the food supply in Ethiopia.

Family Health La Clinica Dare to Dream Scholarship Fund

The Family Health La Clinica Dare to Dream Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for children and stepchildren of Family Health La Clinica employees who face financial need. Special consideration for minority students and first-generation college students.

Fat Boy Golf Scholarship Fund

To provide scholarships to worthy Portage County high school golf team members.

Fern M. Johnson Nursing Scholarship Fund

This was created for the purpose of providing an annual scholarship to a non-traditional Portage County resident who is a sophomore, junior or senior in an accredited nursing program.

Fran & Bobbie Roman Family Fund

To fulfill the charitable wishes of the Roman Family.

Frederick & Patrice Boehm Family Fund

Purpose of the fund is to provide charitable donations.

Friends of 90FM Fund

To support the needs of the UWSP student managed and programmed radio station, 90FM/WWSP and the annual operating costs of the annual fundraiser, 90FM Trivia.

Friends of 90FM Scholarship Fund

To provide at least one scholarship annually to a student at the UWSP radio station, 90FM/WWSP, who meets the Friends of 90FM scholarship criteria.

Friends of Emerson Park

To raise funds to improve the neighborhood park on the former Emerson School site in Stevens Point bordered by Clark St., East Ave., Ellis St., and Reserve St.

Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve Endowment Fund

To Support the activities of Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve.