Celebrating Community Spirit: Gala of Gratitude Reflections 

Nov 14, 2023 | News & Events

Saturday, November 11 marked a special occasion in our community – the Gala of Gratitude, a vibrant celebration of philanthropy and community spirit. It helped launch us into national Community Foundation Week (November 12-18) and we’d like to share some highlights with you. 

Honoring Leaders and Achievements

The Gala honored two extraordinary individuals – Dave Williams and Sue Shulfer. Dave, receiving the Keystone Award, has been instrumental in Waushara County’s philanthropy, particularly in growing scholarship endowments for the Wild Rose School District. Sue Shulfer, an Emeritus Board Member, has provided unparalleled leadership, significantly impacting both the Foundation and the Women’s Fund Advisory Board. Their dedication and service set a remarkable example for all of us.

Images: Sue Shulfer receiving Emeritus Board member pin; Dave Williams with the Keystone Award

A Night of Gratitude and Giving

The event was not only about accolades but also about generosity. Thanks to the collective support of local businesses and institutions like Delta Dental, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and Connexus Cares (of Connexus Credit Union), and our generous community members, the Gala raised $58,000 for the Community Grants Program. This success is a reflection of donors like you, who are committed to the well-being of Portage and Waushara Counties, to the Women’s Fund of Portage County, and other meaningful causes. 

Reflecting on Our Journey

The Gala also offered a moment to reflect on the role of community foundations in solving local challenges. For over a century, these organizations have been the bedrock of local innovation and teamwork. As we celebrated this legacy, we were reminded of the power of collective action and the difference we can make when we come together. This week, we join a national celebration to honor the pivotal role of community foundations in addressing civic and economic challenges through collaboration and innovation. The spirit of the Gala of Gratitude extends beyond a single evening and we’re reminded of the power of community and the impact of collective generosity. Let’s carry this spirit forward, continuing to make our community a better place for all. 

Take Action

Thank you to all our sponsors who helped make this event possible!

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